How many of you have ever taken a self portrait? Have you ever taken a self portrait with a digital camera or the camera on your phone in a mirror?

I have begun to notice on social networking and dating websites an abundance of photos and profile pictures that are self portraits taken in a mirror. I myself am even guilty of taking a photo of myself in front of mirror with my phone.

I find these images to be extremely fascinating. Digital photography is so accessible that I can't think of one person that doesn't own a digital camera, even if that digital camera is attached to their cell phone. Come on, even my grandparents own a camera phone. With this, I love the idea that just about everyone can be photographer. Whenever I see one of these images I can't help but wonder what inspired them to take it. I believe that everybody possesses a certain level of vanity, which I find to be so interesting with these types of self portraits.

I ask people to take a self portrait in a mirror and give me a word or two that the feel describes them, or the image itself, and this becomes the title of the image.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Myspace Mirror Shot

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